Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Epos is a distinguished watch brand that has carved its niche in the watch industry by offering a captivating blend of sophistication and affordability. With a strong focus on intricate mechanical watches, Epos caters to discerning watch collectors while also captivating the hearts of classical mechanical watch enthusiasts.

Founded in 1983 by Peter Hofer, a respected mechanical watch expert, Epos has been committed to pushing the boundaries of horological craftsmanship. In the early stages of the company, the brand collaborated closely with watch engineers from James Aubert SA, a company with an illustrious history dating back to 1925. This partnership has allowed Epos to harness a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring the brand’s reputation as an innovative mechanical watch manufacturer.

In 2002, Epos entered a new chapter with a takeover by the Chonge-Forster family, a family with deep roots in the Swiss watch industry. This move infused fresh energy and a renewed commitment to preserving the brand’s heritage while continuing to innovate and captivate the world of watch aficionados.

Epos core competence lies in developing sophisticated proprietary complications, featuring innovative functions at a price point accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, they take pride in the art of decoration and modification, breathing new life into standard Swiss movements to create unique and captivating watches.

The core collection of Epos watches retails from USD $800 to $3000, making them a compelling option for those seeking exquisite craftsmanship without breaking the bank. For the true connoisseurs, Epos offers masterpieces like the Tourbillon and 5-Minutes Repeater, catering to those with a taste for horological excellence at even higher price points.


EPOS 3439 North Star

For centuries, it has been the North Star in the night sky that led direction for travellers around the world. The new Epos North Star model pays tribute to this thought as a dependable companion and guiding light for watch enthusiasts in today’s challenging world.

People from all over the world have always been captivated by the fascinating and huge universe. Enjoying the clear sight of a starry sky in a secluded spot is still one of the most beautiful things in life. During the process of designing a new moon phase watch for EPOS’ demanding clientele, it soon became clear that the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor must be placed in focus. By letting the world-famous North Star take the center stage, EPOS created a timepiece that serves as a reliable companion and a guiding light for watch enthusiasts around the world.

‘EPOS 3439 North Star’ is based on the in-house Epos Big Moon module with a premium, fully decorated mechanical self-winding ETA 2892 movement that is visible through the see-through case back. Special functions like asymmetrical placed weekday and month indication, date-pointer and the extra big moon phase indication are featured in this timepiece. The case, equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal – either available in a stainless steel or rose PVD variation – has a water resistance up to 50 meters, a handy diameter of 41.7 millimeters and a thickness of only 10.7 millimeters. Regarding bracelets, the decision can be made between a black colored leather strap and a smooth metal bracelet.

The striking night sky dial design has luminous hour indices, as well as the glowing big moon. Small white dots spread on the dial are representing stellar constellation and the luminous North Star is prominently positioned. Without doubt a harmonious complement to the blue dial with sunray execution.

Centuries ago, the North Star was the signpost in the darkness and a beacon of hope for many people. With a homage to this extraordinary star, this newly designed watch model will become an object of desire for watch lovers around the world.


Epos, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, presents a new iteration of its highly acclaimed EPOS 3504 Diver model: the “SPORTIVE 3504 COSC LIMITED EDITION” watch. This exceptional timepiece combines Swiss precision with lightweight comfort, catering to divers, sports enthusiasts, and watch connoisseurs alike.

Featuring a COSC-certified mechanical self-winding movement SW 200, the “SPORTIVE 3504 COSC LIMITED EDITION” watch ensures exceptional accuracy and reliability. Its unidirectional turning ceramic bezel allows for precise time measurement, while the premium 41.5mm titan black PVD case with anti-reflective sapphire crystal provides durability and clear visibility.

With a water resistance of up to 50 ATM and a helium valve, this watch is perfect for professional diving and extreme water activities. The black lacquered dial, adorned with luminous Arabic figures, ensures legibility in any lighting condition.

The “SPORTIVE 3504 COSC LIMITED EDITION” watch comes as a set with a titan black PVD bracelet and a NATO strap, offering versatility and personalization options.

Epos invites watch enthusiasts to explore the depths with the “SPORTIVE 3504 COSC LIMITED EDITION” and experience Swiss precision and exceptional design.