About us


The SIWP is an organising body committed to promoting Swiss watchmaking expertise and culture worldwide. For each of its exhibitions, it selects the most appropriate site for showcasing the independent watchmaking industry to its best advantage. Its unique positioning sets it apart from the large groups, with its promise of offering visitors pure watchmaking pleasure.

Enjoying extensive experience in the field, the SIWP is currently the only entity to offer independent Swiss brands the chance to pool their resources and develop synergies that will enable them to thrive and prosper in an industry seemingly dominated by large groups.


The SIWP caters to independent Maisons with their own inimitable DNA and identity, from brands spearheaded by a single individual through to small or medium-size watchmaking companies employing several dozen people.

We believe that the creativeness, inventiveness and dynamism of the Swiss watchmaking industry are the qualities that have contributed to the greatness of these historical companies, often family-run for generations.

Whether we are talking about an output of just a few pieces or thousands of units a year, each entity belonging to the SIWP is given the dynamic and opportunity it needs to stand out from the crowd by offering watch enthusiasts an unforgettable experience.


Whatever your interest in watches, it’s well worth a visit. From fantastical creations to more functional timekeepers, the world of independent watchmaking is a magical universe.

It will be the trip of a lifetime. And because independent watchmakers are past masters in handling time, they will devote every second of it to discussing and sharing with you their passion. They will take time to explain, in the tiniest detail, what makes their watches so incredible and special and invite you on a journey through a world they have painstakingly created.

They will tell you that this where “real” watchmaking happens. The superb craftsmanship, the hand-finishes, the craziest inventions, the most creative designs… After all, how often will you ever have the chance to meet the designer in real life, speak to the artist in person?

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A unique event

SIWP is the only entity offering independent Swiss brands the chance to pool their resources and develop synergies allowing them to thrive in a highly competitive world.


9 – 13 April, 2024
3 – 7 September, 2024
15 – 17 October, 2024


Hong Kong
Mexico City


+41 22 328 01 27