When it comes to world fairs, we are known for our strategic choices. Our main aims are to give visibility to independent watchmaking brands, protect the Swiss made label around the world and show that all the big names at the SIWP pavilion are the original article and come direct from the manufacturer.


The Epicenter of Global Institutions and the Horological Capital

As the quintessential horological city, Geneva stands as the headquarters for major international institutions and an annual gathering place for industry stakeholders. Undoubtedly, Geneva is the unmissable city for such an event.

Strategically, the SIWP has chosen the ‘Confederation Centre’ for its central location. Ideally situated on Geneva’s busiest street, amidst luxury boutiques and a stone’s throw from Lake Leman, independent watchmakers will engage both professional clientele and have direct contact with end consumers. Surrounded by other premier horological events, the venue provides locals and global visitors convenient access to the SIWP. Journalists from specialized press, industry professionals, private buyers, and enthusiasts—all know where to find us.

Every participating brand at the SIWP welcomes you with warmth and unveils stunning innovations. In contrast to other nearby events, SIWP uniquely offers high horology enthusiasts the opportunity to finalize their purchases on-site.

Hong Kong

International finance centre and gateway to the Asian market.
Taking into account all the most recent changes occurring in the Swiss watchmaking industry, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair has inevitably become the biggest watchmaking event in the world, securing its leadership position in the Asian market. In 2023, the fair welcomed 700 exhibitors and 15,000 buyers hailing from 95 countries and regions.
At a time when the Swiss watchmaking industry needs to be more united and supportive than ever before, the SIWP offers great visibility in an environment entirely dedicated to independent Swiss brands. “Strength lies in unity”, as the saying goes, and it is therefore essential that our products stand out in the current market context.


Historically, Russia was, and still is, a fantastic success story for Swiss watchmaking. The Moscow Watch Expo is a unique and exclusive event in the Russian watchmaking market. In the run-up to the Christmas and New Year festivities, the world’s most innovative brands exhibit their collections in Russia.

The SIWP offers a unique platform and ideal opportunity for watchmaking brands to stay connected to the Russian market, build on existing collaborations and establish new contacts. The exhibition also attracts visitors from the former USSR.


In collaboration with the Zhangzhou Watch Association and the Zhangzhou (Fujian Province) municipal government, the SIWP proposes a unique event for cultural exchange. The exhibition is held in one of the A-lister hotels in the town centre and concludes with an auction.

Zhangzhou is one of the oldest towns in southeast China. Located close to Taiwan, it has a long history of clock manufacture. Deeply rooted in the watchmaking tradition, it is a Mecca for professionals and enthusiasts alike.