David Van Heim

David Van Heim

David Van Heim is a worldwide brand, created in 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland, a totally innovative, global watchmaking brand: high-tech, high-design and highly affordable. After 3 years of research to perfect brand consistency, it sprang up suddenly in 2010, instantly becoming a household name. As if it had been part of the watchmaking landscape since the mists of time…

All David Van Heim watches have original design and an ergonomic shapes. The young company has produced 5 collections so far:  “Etika”, “Hollander”, “Irea”, “Dual Chronograph” and “T1”.


T1 Tourbillon

Despite it’s 48 mm of diameter, this watch makes a bold, virile, attention-grabbing statement on the wrist. An aperture on the dial at 12 o’clock leaves open to view the celebrated carriage containing the regulating organ beating at the heart of the movement. Despite its incredibly affordable price, this watch is fitted with a tourbillon, one of the most highly revered complications in the watchmaking industry.

Dual Chronograph

  • Case: Stainless steel black PVD, 54 mm diameter
  • Case-lugs: Mobile for perfect wrist-fitting
  • Glass: Special hardened bombed mineral
  • Movements: Two quartz chronograph