Darwil’s story began with the vision of its founder Darko Wilfan. It dates back to as far as 1910. After traveling to Chiasso in Switzerland, he set up his first business in collaboration with a Swiss manufacturer well-respected for their precise calibers. Together they brought his first watch to market, one, of many to follow, to bear his initials as part of the brand’s name: Dar-Wil. And thus, Darwil was born.

Wilfan saw the opportunity to create accessible Swiss-quality watches to cater to many parts of Europe with the help of the then-famous Tanis Watch Company.

This was the offset of the brand, and beginning of a journey, which would turn Darwil into a brand, that would be sought after and worn by so many.

The headquarters of Darwil have been in Grenchen valley from the offset, to ensure the ability to closely monitor every aspect of production – from design, to sourcing and manufacturing.

Darwil’s most prominent location however soon became Italy. Located at the “Darwil Palace’ in Trieste, Italy, the brand soon amassed thousands of loyal customers visiting from around Europe in order to purchase their very own Darwil Swiss-made watch from this premier brand store. During its time of operation, “Darwil Palace” alone was able to sell over two million watches.

From home outwards, things moved rapidly for Darwil, and the brand became renowned in many countries, for its superb quality, durability and attention to detail.

As one of the most frequent concerns of the general public in regard to wristwatches at the time, were the perceived fragility and durability. By relying on its experience in manufacturing and relentless effort to push the boundaries of timekeeping, Darwil used its knowledge and determination to push boundaries and invented its patented “Darwil Darblock” technology.

Darblock protected the watch against shocks originating from drops from high altitude, to ensure the components stay safe and undamaged.

Around the same time Darwil pushed its unique offering even further with the launch of its new diving watches, that were among the first to be able to withstand water pressure of up to 100ATM / 3,340ft at a depth of up to 1000m beneath the surface.

The Darwil Darblock and its push into the realm of technical diving watches were centerpieces in the swift rise in popularity for Darwil in the 1970’s, which shaped its brand recognition amongst watch enthusiast across Europe.

With its unique designs, constant push for innovation and unparalleled value for money, Darwil soon became a favorite choice for people from many different ways of life. Among them television host Anton Marti, who famously named Darwil “the most accurate state-of-the-art watch on the market”.

Darwil memorably also became the title of a song from a rock band at the time, further cementing the brand’s name on the minds of people.

Darwil – after a few decades on the market has become a brand for a man that knows what he wants and takes matters in his own hands.

Darwil, since the inception of the brand, stood for Swiss made excellence and strength. This was symbolized from the early days onwards by the iconic Darwil Crown, commonly appearing throughout its watches. The Darwil Crown is one of the key elements of the the brand’s aesthetic, symbolizing the strength and superb quality of its watches, suitable for the man who does not compromise his standards in the slightest – ever.

Darwil’s founder Darko Wilfan always envisioned his brand to be accessible for the everyday watch enthusiast, that does not compromise in matters of quality and refinement. Encouraging its wearers to strive for freedom in life was as important as granting the freedom of accessibility. Until today, the idea of freedom of pursuit is a fundamental part of the brand. Symbolizing this is the Darwil Eagle, a symbol still used alongside the Darwil Crown to uphold the brand’s values.

Boundless freedom and unrestrained strength are the uniting brand values that make Darwil the brand it is and has always been.

The heritage of Darwil and Swiss watchmaking are intertwined indistinguishably. Darwil solely manufactures state-of-the-art Swiss made watches, which are recognized by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH). Darwil watches are authenticated to meet all swiss-made standards of the federation.

Today, just as 100 years ago, Darwil stands for outstanding craftsmanship, superb materials and unparalleled cost-performance ratio in the market of authentic Swiss-made watches for men, who demand ultimate dependability in all aspects of creation.


Secret Agent

The Secret Agent collection watches are housed within a uniquely shaped 41.0 x 45.5 mm stainless steel case, made of premium stainless steel. The case is combined with brushed and polished finishing, further accentuate the dramatic shape of the watch case.

The dial has a subtle, yet contrasting colors combination with its rotary inner ring. The most prominent feature is found at the center bottom of the dial, which houses a calendar with an instantaneous day display. The top of the vertical indicator features the day display, while a date indicator in the signature Secret Agent red, is found beneath it.


Darwil crafts the watch with stainless steel in a 41mm case. Rounding of the design is the beautifully crafted lugs. The three bold colorways are in silver steel, plated rose-gold and yellow-gold, all truly eyecatchers.

All versions incorporate a gradient dial design. The collection prominent five-minute markers are inspired by the sharp edges of the collection automative reference. The second hand, as well as the MyLord labelling on the dial in contrasting color add further visual separation.