From this axiom arises the idea of Mr. Graziano Giacomini – businessman from Piedmont, descending from a family interested in business and beauty, which alternates private and professional life from Piedmont and Switzerland – to realize the first watch, entirely projected and manufactured by TANCA The Brands Company, company founded in 2013.

“It is the destination of a 5 year-lasting route – Mr. Graziano Giacomini explains – The watch has been entirely designed by me and our technicians developed all the production details on the graphic draft. It is a lake watch: imagined on Ceresio shores, realized on Leman ones and inspired by the style and beauty of Cusio.”



TANCA watch has the quadrant in white or black ceramic. The continuing drawing of the DNA chain, in sketched filigree, represents the life, the time spending, and the the inner and deeperI. From the quadrant external circle, appear the numbers, easy to be read.

The case is particularly balanced, a small sculpture of edges and roundness. The ultra-flat movement allows to keep the case depth which has been studied not to make any resistance to the shirt cuff, as it happens in quite all watches, especially in sport ones.

For a better comfort, the crown for charging and hours regulating is protected by coves which carry it to the case side, realized in light and dark titanium. Thank to the employment of this material, this watch is particulary lightweight.
The watchbands, in extremely thin stingray or leather, are wonderful.
The “deploying” closure with TANCA logo completes the whole design.

The concept is the one of a “crossover” watch, to wear during free time or in formal or informal location, blue jeans or tuxedo, both for male and female. It has a level of finishing touch and exclusivity that can be compared to the high quality brands, keeping the exclusivity of the limited serie.

Mechanical, 17 rubies, ultra-flat with a thickness of only 3,1 mm.