Ollivier Savéo

“My Luxury view is extremely simple: allow the beautiful and the exceptional to make us forget the technics in favor of dreams. Thanks to a multicultural professional past, I can evolve in a creation process without technical and segment limits. Former ‘Compagnon du Tour de France’, a well-known traditional institution for craftsmanship learning, I use construction technics and materials from all the disciplines: traditional jewelry, watchmaking, aeronautics, automotive, architecture, applied arts, modern art, street art and even graphic novels.
I revisit and create thanks to inspirations born from contemplating a vase from the twelfth century in a museum in New York, the shape of the staircase in a Loire Castle, a masterpiece exhibited in Geneva but also in my passions, sports cars, aviation and of course in Nature, inexhaustible source of wonder. Everything is a source of inspiration!
It is the merging of arts, shapes, technics and materials used from the primitive times that leads to a very personal view on artistic watchmaking. Imbued with poetry as well as technique.”

Hand-made sculpture
Hand-made sculpture allows an artistic realization for any artistic motif. The cross-use of the last high-precision watchmaking technics and high jewelry traditional know-how provides an artistic work on really small elements (less than one millimeter), while keeping a five-hundredth millimeters precision conductive to the watchmaking strictness.
Computing creation
Computer aided artistic and technical creation provides a bridge between the hand and the machine. When its use is pursuant to a perfect know-how, it allows a cohesive link between art and the mechanical constraints necessary to the perfection of the mechanism and high-range watchmaking finishing.
Traditional Jewelry
A 25 years long experience serving the most famous names allow to control all the tools and the know-how from the arts and crafts professions linked to high jewelry. Thanks to them, the most various materials can be shaped, from the most traditional as engraving or enamel to the most innovative like the shaping of composite materials.



Sophisticated and stylish, this Swiss made unique piece displays the hours and the minutes thanks to a quartz movement surrounded by flowers and their foliage. The stigmas of the four flowers are symbolized by as many diamonds, crimped in their center for a total of 0.19 carats. Combining the reassuring strength of its gold pink inside, the transparency of its sapphire case and the bucolic atmosphere of its decoration, this watch is the perfect combination of a woman watch both technical and distinguish.


The Petroleum timekeeper, Swiss Made 33 pieces collection, displays the hours and the minutes thanks to an automatic skeleton mechanism, decorated and surrounded by a scenery inspired by pipelines and the universe of oil in general. A transparent and totally hermetic ampoule, placed on the side, is there for hosting a sample of the purest black gold. Merging brute force and ultimate accuracy, this piece invested with black and gold will satisfy the most exigent fans of mechanical wonders.