Creatively inspired design and untiring technique have been the driving forces behind Stefan Hafner’s search for innovation in his collection since 1967. A collection in which there is play between volume and flexibility in a three dimensional game.

Etoile launched its first watch and jewellery line in 1986.
It is the famous Swiss Italian creator, Stefan Hafner who designed and manufactured the watches and jewellery of this first collection.

At that time, most watches were of very traditional concept.
Etoile longed to free its design from conventional restraints and imposed its very own style by creating sumptuously worked wrist watches, blending the erudite geometry of Islamic aesthetics with flowing art Déco designs.
Thanks to its audacious and daring designs, Etoile has been introduced successfully in Europe, the Middle and Far-East.

That same passion and philosophy inspires us today to create new models to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
By marrying aesthetics of sober and pure lines with top quality Swiss movements, this innovating collection, created by Fulvio Borel, allows the brand Etoile to confirm its unique style.

… Etoile revives for our greater happiness,
and we hope it will also make yours …


Hijri Moon Phase model

The Swiss made automatic Islamic (Hijri) lunar calendar complicated wristwatch connected to the moon-phase, is the only Islamic calendar watch which can be adjusted by the crown. This complicated wristwatch based on an automatic Swiss made movement is completed by a complication module manufactured by Agenhor in Geneva.

The Islamic calendar is housed in a round steel watchcase measuring 42 mm indicating hours and minutes, as well as seconds, by three large hands in the center of the dial. The hours are indicated by large embossed Arabic numerals from one to twelve.
The date of the Islamic thirty days calendar can be found in a window at the place of the 3 O’clock time indication with Arabic numerals.

The large display of the moon phase is evolving at the 6’O Clock time indication by 30 steps. Five times a year at the end of each month with 29 days only, the date and connected moon phase have to be corrected advancing to 1.

The Hijri or Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, based on the rotation of the moon around the world. The Gregorian solar calendar is based on the rotation of the earth around the sun.

The Hijri calendar has 5 lunar months of 29 days, numbered 2, 4,6,8 and 10. The twelfth month of the year has 29 days when it is a common year and 30 days when it is an abundant year.

The remaining months have 30 days. The ninth month of this calendar is in the Muslim region the holy month of Ramadan. The Hijri calendar ends and begins at the time of the new moon. Thus the full moon will always be in the middle of the lunar month.

The Islamic calendar which began in 622 AD is still used in many Islamic countries.

Hijri Tri-retrograde dualcalendar model

Etoile launches its first complication, an Automatic, Tri-Retrograde, lslamic Lunar and Gregorian Dual-calendar with Moon phase Wristwatch

This complicated wristwatch based on an automatic Swiss made movement is completed by a complication module made by Agenhor in Geneva housed in a steel watchcase.
The lslamic calendar which began in 622 AD and is still used in most Islamic countries. To integrate the lslamic calendar together with the conventional Gregorian calendar on a mechanical wristwatch is a unique feature worldwide. The Etoile Dual-calendar wristwatch is housed in an octangular watchcase measuring 42 mm indicating hours and minutes by two large hands in the center of the dial.

The date of the Gregorian calendar is indicated by a retrograde-hand starting from the left at 10 O’clock and ending at the right at 2 O’clock with the 31st day of the month. The date of the 30 days of the lslamic calendar are indicated at 6 O’clock with Arabic numerals.

At 4 O’clock the retrograde hand starts indicating the first month of the Hijri calendar and ends at the left side of the dial at 8 O’clock with the last month.