EVILARD WATCH: From Grandfather to Grandson

This is an interesting story of a young watchmaker who is recreating the brand invented by his Grandfather more than 60 years ago.
Towards the end of the War, Fritz Stück, originally from Bern, settled in the village of Evilard. With his sons, Fritz Junior and Samuel, he started creating Swiss watches in 1948.Evilard Watch was born.
Like the majority of family businesses, Evilard Watch grew and prospered, then gradually disappeared due to the introduction of quartz, lack of successors, no new leads and less demand.
The passion for watchmaking did not, however, die. From his childhood bedroom to his workshop Nicolas Voyame, one the founder’s grandsons, examined his grandfather’s watches like treasures and he had a growing desire to use the know-how of Evilard in order to reinstate it to its former glory.
In 2010, Nicolas Voyame sketched and created his first time pieces under the watchful eye of his grandfather, who was thrilled to see his creation and the rebirth of his brand.
Nicolas Voyame surrounded himself with professionals from the relevant areas of expertise, sought advice from his Grandfather and equipped himself with modern instruments. Above all he kept the essence of the brand: 100% Swiss made.


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