Emmanuel Bouchet

2014 marks the launch of Master Watchmaker, Emmanuel Bouchet’s, eponymous collection: A high horology, Swiss, watch brand that combines expert craftsmanship, technical brilliance and an innovative approach to representing time.

Born into watchmaking, Bouchet’s family owned a jewelry store where, following his studies at the Ecole d’Horlogerie in Morteau, he forged a career in repair and restoration.

He soon achieved recognition by obtaining his Poinçon de Maître after which this mark of craftsmanship saw him design and create jewellery, repair exceptional watches and restore antique clocks for prestigious institutions.

Emmanuel Bouchet’s abilities were such that the world’s most prestigious watchmakers were soon intent on working with him and these opportunities allowed him the freedom to finesse ideas and experiment with the confines of his craft. From then on, Bouchet’s brilliance saw no bounds – his creativity astonished the industry as he produced innovation after innovation with incredible horological complications. Within ten years, Bouchet co-founded Centagora, which became synonymous with expert technology and industrial brilliance. In 2012 he created the Opus 12 for Harry Winston, a revolutionary and much revered piece, following which, in 2014, he launched his own brand.


Complication One

His first piece, Complication One, embodies his unique vision, artfully reshaping mechanical horology with a flawless balance of traditional watchmaking techniques and modern architecture. This watch carves a new benchmark in high complication watchmaking, because, the complication in this piece is like no other, unique in concept and exceptional to behold.

Complication One demonstrates the aspirations Bouchet weaves throughout his work: a rich tapestry of impeccable skill, experimentation and a fearless desire to push the boundaries of the high horology craft. Bouchet is at once an expert, an artist and an innovator and at the helm of his own brand, he plans to test the limits of his own abilities with a series of groundbreaking launches set to inspire and delight.